3215 E Main St, Endwell, NY, 13760-5952 
Full service

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Small town
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Less than $5.99
Restaurant Type
Full service
Main Stream Americans
Chinese Americans

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Top 100 Best Value  (2010)


Reviewed by: astrai01 on: 2018/9/12 16:35:40
your food makes me feel as iv i were dieing in every bite and i fell varey varey sick thinking your food was good so i hope you get closed down
Reviewed by:  on: 2010-07-28
This is the best Chinese food in the area - this is the opinion of both myself and my entire circle of friends. The place does not spend money on atmosphere, so don't be surprised by the appearance. They definitely are not concerned with the look of the place. Try not to go late on Friday or Sat evening, as they typically have no wait-staff help (its just one married couple). We have eaten there at least 100 times over the past 12 years; easily as good as places in NY Chinatown.= Pros: Hands down the best food in Binghamton Metro area Cons: Atmosphere is lacking
Reviewed by: spevygirl on: 2006-12-08
I've eaten here three times: once for dine-in and twice for take-out. Both times proved this restaurant to have the best Chinese food in the area. If you eat at the restaurant, be sure to check out all of the menus (the take-out menu is ...?
Reviewed by: A TripAdvisor Member on: 2008-12-16
China Lake is a tiny place that could easily be missed -- a shared fa?ade with an insurance agency in a nondescript office building next to a gas station. Inside you will find a pleasant surprise. A tiny, neat, sparse room with one ...?
Reviewed by: A TripAdvisor Member on: 2009-03-31
When you first walk in to China Lake, you will be distinctly underwhelmed by the (non-existant) decor; however, you will also likely notice that about 50% of your fellow diners are speaking Chinese. Before ordering, ask for the "Chinese ...?
Reviewed by: phatbhuda on: 2009-06-24
One of two restaurants in the area that specialize in traditional, authentic Chinese food. The food is good and their prices affordable. Traditionally their service has been very unreliable. I once waited for 40 minutes and left without ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on: 2008-07-10
I've eaten Chinese food both expensive and cheap in New York, Boston, Philly, London, and China, and have to say that for most dishes, this is hands down the best Chinese restaurant one could eat at. My family has been coming to this restaurant for years, and the food is delicious and presented beautifully. The restaurant itself is not particularly fancy, but it food and good nature of the woman who runs it makes it a place you will come back to again and again. I would recommend the sesame chicken, black bean shrimp, peking duck (call 2 days in advance), and crispy squid.?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on: 2009-11-08
For the absolute best Chinese food ever order: black bean shrimp, bean curd and black bean sauce, and/or the eggplant dish. All amazing. Definitely a must try.?