3215 E Main St, Endwell, NY, 13760-5952 
Full service

China Lake Restaurant is one of the hip Asian fusion restaurants that popped up in Endwell, New York in 2005. Being the “brainchild” of a Chinese knowledgeable businessman, the sleekly modern restaurant features a dramatic and creative menu without losing the essence of the culture. The Chinese-trained Asian chef wows his customers by giving classic, inspired Chinese culinary delectable. Each dish is an amazing combination of fresh ingredients and exotic flavors. The food is served in the finely decorated round bar, which is located in the center of the dinning room. The unique and contrasting flavors and textures of the food always astonish diners and ensure that they will have a memorable experience. By offering numerous varieties of authentic yet inventive food, the restaurant instantly became one of the top destinations in the city. Only four months after the restaurant’s opening, the delicious food and modern ambience attracted New York. The Owner Mr. Wu is currently in the process of reducing the sugar and salt content throughout his menu with his customers’ health in consideration. “Our dining environment is very good. The entire restaurant is hygienic because we clean everyday.” Wu said, “All of my foods are very fresh, which guarantees a strict level of quality. That is why my restaurant gains customers’ word-of-mouth. We update our dishes daily, and customers can recognize how fresh our food is.” China Lake Restaurant not only focuses on the quality of food, but also on customer service. “Satisfying customers is the foundation of my business,” Wu concludes. Everyone should come enjoy an edible piece of art and make it down to China Lake to sample for themselves the delicious foods, excellent chefs, nice service, and good environment.